How do I top up in an overseas country?

If you run out of credits you can use multiple options listed below to top up your bmobile-vodafone number.

(a) You can top up online using credit/debit card via bmobile-vodafone selfcare app or Website

(b) You can top up using BSP and POB mobile banking.

(c) You may get someone in SI to do a KWIK TRANSFER for you on your account.

(d) You may also ask your wantoks to do a direct electronic top up from SI.

How do I check my account balance in an overseas country?

Dial *121#

If I dial *121# while in an overseas country, will I be charged?

No you will not be charged for dialling *121#.

Can I transfer credit from SI to an overseas country? If it’s possible, what’s the charge?

Yes and the charge is the same as transferring within SI i.e. $0.20c is charged to the sender.