To be the leading provider of mobile Voice and Data services in PNG and the Solomon Islands in terms of market share, profitability and customer satisfaction.



To provide excellent mobile Voice and Data services to the citizens of PNG and the Solomon Islands satisfying all stakeholders by providing to:

  • Consumers services that are
    • Affordable
    • Reliable
    • Demonstrating high capacity and coverage
    • Including useful Value Added Services
  • Enterprises
    • Bundled (with our TPNG partner) services that enable Enterprises utilising our services to lower their operating costs and enhance the services they can provide to their customers
    • A valued and trusted business partner
  • The Societies in which we operate
    • Good Corporate citizen ship taking seriously our obligations to operate in a safe and legal manner enriching with employment and services the communities in which we operate
  • Our Owners
    • Wealth creation by both profitable trading and creating an entity of rapidly increasing value

Our Values

Customer Focus

The end focus of all our efforts must be to satisfy a customer need

Continuous Improvement

We constantly look for ways to improve the level of service we provide, to reduce the costs of operating the business and the standard of our technical solutions

Managing with Facts

Our business is driven by processes we constantly measure as the basis of on going improvement and to benchmark our performance against other leading companies

Valuing our People

We want a demanding and rewarding work environment, respecting everybody’s right to contribute to the company direction and approach to how we carry out our work.