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Bmobile-Vodafone hosted the first “Smartest Business in Town” corporate Trivia night on Wednesday evening in the Coral Seas Resort and Casino. The theme of the Trivia night was the globe with Bmobile-Vodafone been the global network provider in the Solomons. The CBSI team winning out as convincing winners on the final round. The Central bank of the Solomon Islands consisted of four Solomon Islanders who represented their organization proudly on the night. They are now officially the smartest business in town and received their prizes and winning certificates from Bmobile-Vodafone on the night. The company now have a new corporate team assembled eager to push their new products onto the market and demonstrate the value for money and the global standards now achieved as part of the Vodafone group.


bmobile-vodafone add 3G services to Western province

Western FC

On the 12th of July Bmobile-Vodafone welcomed the Western province into our 3G network with 3G services now in Noro, Gizo and Munda. In conjunction with this launch Bmobile-Vodafone are supporting Western United FC in their bid to retain the title as Soccer champions of Solomon Islands by providing all their communication needs for the upcoming season starting this month.

FB soccer stunts competition


Bmobile Vodafone SI have launched in July 2016 a Facebook competition with a $10,000 cash prize, simply post your video on our Facebook page displaying your skills and get the most likes, the clip with the most likes is the winner. This is open girls and guys.

Western Province network upgrades

western province

bmobile-vodafone are committed to upgrading their network in 2016 for Western province. Three new sites have been started and completed as the first step to offer 3G services into Gizo, Noro and Munda. The 3G services will be ready by the end of May 2016.

New fleet of Nissan Patrols for bmobile-vodafone Provincial teams.

fleet patrols for bmobile-vodafone province team Bmobile-Vodafone purchase a new fleet of Nissan Patrols in early 2016 for their provincial teams. This is for their engineering team to look after their network effectively so they can continue to offer the most reliable network in the Solomon Islands.

New bmobile-vodafone store opening in Market Plaza

market plaza

Opening a new bmobile-vodafone store in central Market Plaza March 2016 with our retail partner Low-price. This is to ensure customers have ease of access to our products and services in central Honiara.


Inmates dance crew win Q1 2016 dance competition

Dance Competition

The in-mates dance crew receiving their 15K cash prize from the bmobile-vodafone CEO. This dance crew won the Facebook Q1 2016 dance competition by having the most likes with 1,500 and over 10,000 views on the bmobile-vodafone SI Facebook page.


bmobile-vodafone continue to support arts and culture in 2016 by working with the youth at work group at youth events.

Business excellence  awards

Winning the business excellence awards in 2015 for the most improved business in the Solomon Islands. Receiving prize with the team in the Honiara hotel.

Way Forward - bmobile/vodafone

bmobile-vodafone sponsor five boxers from the Solomon Islands to travel to PNG for the South Pacific games. These five boxers are five medal hopefuls. Their training started on Monday the 9th of March and their coach Frank Riqa is determined to return in July with Gold.

Bmobile news

bmobile recently partnered with vodafone, a Global leader in telecommunication. bmobile/vodafone is commited to improving mobile communication in Solomon Islands and is rolling out it's network to the other provinces in the coming years. 

Our 3G network upgrade is currently ongoing with our latest GSM site at Naha going on air on the 8th of August. Currently in Honiara customers can now experience a much faster and cheaper internet access with the launch of our latest 3G sites and also our new Data promotions.

Click link bmobile/vodafone for latest updates on bmobile/vodafone Partnership.